Schema-Agnostic Query Rewriting in SPARQL 1.1

Extension, details and downloads for the ISWC 2014 paper Schema-Agnostic Query Rewriting in SPARQL 1.1 authored by by Stefan Bischof, Markus Kr√∂tzsch, Axel Polleres, and Sebastian Rudolph.

Technical Report Version

Download the technical report version of the paper which contains proofs omitted in the conference paper.

SPARQL Path Rewriter Implementation

Check out the the SPARQL Path Rewriter web interface to rewrite SPARQL queries. Alternatively download the SPARQL Path Rewriter command line application. Use the command line program with the only parameter being the path to the input SPARQL query.

Preliminary LUBM Benchmarks

Slightly adapted version of standard LUBM.


The standard LUBM data generator UBA1.7.

We imported the data into Jena TDB together with the ontology below.

As usual we created the statistics file for TDB.


We removed all OWL axioms from the ontology which are not contained in the OWL QL profile:

EquivalentClasses(:Chair ObjectIntersectionOf(ObjectSomeValuesFrom(:headOf :Department) :Person))
EquivalentClasses(:Dean ObjectIntersectionOf(ObjectSomeValuesFrom(:headOf :College)))
EquivalentClasses(:Director ObjectIntersectionOf(ObjectSomeValuesFrom(:headOf :Program) :Person))
EquivalentClasses(:Employee ObjectIntersectionOf(ObjectSomeValuesFrom(:worksFor :Organization) :Person))
SubClassOf(:GraduateStudent ObjectSomeValuesFrom(:takesCourse :GraduateCourse))
SubClassOf(:ResearchAssistant ObjectSomeValuesFrom(:worksFor :ResearchGroup))
EquivalentClasses(:Student ObjectIntersectionOf(ObjectSomeValuesFrom(:takesCourse :Course) :Person))
EquivalentClasses(:TeachingAssistant ObjectIntersectionOf(ObjectSomeValuesFrom(:teachingAssistantOf :Course) :Person))

Download the reduced ontology.


We used two sets of queries for our experiment:

The queries 10, 11, and 12 would require OWL axioms not supported by the OWL 2 QL profile and are thus ignored for the benchmark.

Browse individual queries or download all queries.